AnandaYoga Center

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  • Welcome to Ananda Yoga Ashram, Kathmandu, Nepal A Relaxing Residential Yoga Center at the foot of Himalaya (Nepal).
  • Sannyasi Shivgiri 

    (Yoga Director-Chairperson)

    Sannyasi Shivgiri (Bharat Prasad Rijal) received his Diploma in Yoga Teacher's Training Course from the Bihar School of Yoga, India. He has been teaching and training students from all over the world on different aspects of Yoga for more than 20 years. He has also undertaken one year Sannyas Training and 8 months of Kundalini Yoga Courses. He is the disciple of Paramhamsa Swami Niranjananda Saraswati, who is the successor of Paramhamsa Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Currently, Shivgiri teaches Satyananda Yoga (Bihar Yoga) at Ananda Yoga Center in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has conducted yoga workshops and seminars in Nepal, India and abroad. He is an expert in Mantra Chanting and Kirtan (Devotional Songs with Classical Music).


    Ananda Yoga Center

    " Ananda Yoga Center, a retreat facility in a lovely setting in the valley, caters for both beginners and and advanced students of Yoga. " It is the only one of its kind in the whole country: .............. with its own buildings, lovely garden, clean air, rejuvenating and relaxing environment, constructed specifically for teaching purposes and spiritual uplift". - Rough Guide to Nepal.

    General Information

    Ananda Yoga Center was established in 1990, is recommended by the Nepal " Lonely Planet" and "Rough Guide" guide books and has tought more than 1000 students. We offer residential yoga courses for beginners, intermediate and advance students, including a Teacher Training Courses. The center is close to Kathmandu city, situated in the foothills of the Himalaya ( 12 km from Thamel).

    Ananda Yoga Center teaches Bihar Yoga. Bihar Yoga includes Asanas (postures), pranayam (breathing excecises), meditation, yoga nidra (complete relaxation technique), shatkarma (yogic cleansing: nasal, intestine and stomach cleansing), philosophy, and kirtan (devotional songs).  (Link to Courses)

    At Ananda Yoga Center, one can experience ashram life. No matter which course is chosen, one can grow  spiritually in awareness and self-knowledge. Come yourself  at the Ashram, your  family and friends are most welcome!

    Facilities at Ananda Yoga Center:

    - Center is surrounded with green trees and various kinds of flowers
    - Lovely seating and contemplation area
    - Campfire at night during winter season
    - Valley view sunrise
    - View of Himalayas
    - Vegetarian meals 
    - Various herbal tea available: mint tea, tulsi tea, organic green tea
    - Purified drinking water provided
    - Rooftop space available for personal meditation, study or relaxation
    - Large yoga practice room with wall to wall windows and plenty of natural light.

    - Hiking on Local Mountains up to 2000 mtr.

    You may contact Ananda Yoga Ashram for more information about fees and courses. LINK TO CONTACT FORM HERE