AnandaYoga Center

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Satyananda Yoga Center happily offers Yoga Programs to children, senior citizens, women, families, employees, teachers, students, business men and politicians. Please contact us to organize Yoga programs in your community, institutions, schools, colleges, hospitals, families etc. Also, we can arrange these yoga program in our facility. 

3-5 days Yoga Package, 2 hours daily (Adjustable)

Yoga Style: Bihar Yoga/Satyananda Yoga.

Mantra- Kirtan                               Asanas                 Pranayama

Yoga Nidra                                   Meditation            Satsang/Question Answer


If this practice is continued, participants will get the following benefits:

  • All the systems of the body will be regulated removing the toxins/blockage energy.
  • Develops the concentration and increases memory power.
  • Depressions and Frustrations will be reduced significantly.
  • Complete relaxation (physically, mentally, emotionally) removing the level of stress.
  • Development of positivity, efficacy and co-operation.
  • Uplifts the spirituality observing oneself.
  • Yogic life style.

Participants feel cheerful, happy and peaceful.